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My company is a family of haulers. We have been hauling all types of items for 30 plus years. We offer our hauling services to fit your needs 7 days a week. We can haul most anything. We are quick and reliable and recycle cardboard and metal items.

If you have finally decided to get rid of all those bulky things taking up space, give George's Hauling Service a call. We are the fastest St Louis hauler around. We are here to help!


Licenses / Credentials:
• City of St. Louis Haulers' License # LC9671903
• Member of the Waste Industry
• Member of Union Laborers Local 42
• Nationwide Recycling Associates of America
• Board Certified Master Haulers of MO.

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Services Offered:

  • Junk Hauling Specialist
  • House Clean Up Specialist
  • Concrete Removal
  • Removal of Wood Porches, Wood Palettes and Wood Fences
  • Trash/Junk Hauling
  • Storage Units Clean-ups
  • Debris Removal
  • Construction/Demolition Clean Up Service
  • Tree and Shrub Removal
  • Spring Cleanups
  • Appliance Removal
  • Shed and Garage Clean Up, Demolition and Removal
  • Porch and Decks: Demolition and Removal
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Palette Hauling
  • Metal Recycling
  • Commercial Clean up
  • Fence/Retaining Walls
  • Tires
  • Roofing Shingles
  • Rock/ Dirt
  • Gut Outs
  • Hot Tub Removal
St Louis Hauler: Taking it all Away

It’s amazing how important your local St Louis Hauler can be. Anything from residential or commercial junk, green waste, dirt and debris, concrete and asphalt left after demolition all need to be cleaned up and hauled away. You will have to agree that debris and junk that keeps gathering has to be taken away and gotten rid of at some point. A professional St Louis Hauler will haul all kinds of unwanted belongings and other materials for you and clear out and clean up the space. A St Louis> Hauler can be called to remove materials from both inside and outside buildings, no matter the level or location.

You might just need an old mattress taken away or a whole demolition site cleared away. No matter what the clearing requirement is, the St Louis Hauler will clear away all unwanted junk from just a single piece of furniture, to a building full of scrap. A reliable St Louis Hauler recycles and hauls metal, wood, greenery and concrete to the nearest recycling facility.

Commercial and Residential Hauling by St Louis Hauler

No matter where the pile of debris is, St Louis Hauler makes an easy, efficient job of clearing it away with use of light weight dump trucks for small jobs and heavy duty trucks for larger projects. If the dirt is accumulated in a place where machines cannot be brought in, the St Louis Hauler will haul the dirt away manually.

The professionals from your local St Louis Hauler are also equipped to haul brush or any sort of greenery. The modern machinery can grab whole stacks of brush or limbs at once and then remove them from the location you want to be cleared. You will be saving yourself time, effort and money when you have to clear away brush. Brush hauling is particularly important in locations where there are incidences of brush fires. Trim your trees regularly and have the brush hauled away to keep your home and property is safe. A professional St Louis Hauler will haul away brush so that you can help alleviate the problem of brush fires.

If you’re like a lot of people, you find yourself doing some spring cleaning every year. This can include the house, the basement and attic and even the garage. You end up with a huge pile of junk. A lot of it is not accepted in the trash pick up at the curb and if you don’t have a pickup truck, this leaves you with the dilemma of how to get rid of all the stuff. Hauler is just a phone call away and for a very reasonable rate, they will haul away everything for you.

The services offered by the St Louis Hauler come in handy in real estate as well. Real estate agents may have to deal with foreclosed and abandoned homes that are overgrown with greenery, shrubs, and littered with old appliances, pools and other junk. The professionals at the St Louis Hauler can help you with a foreclosure cleanout fast and effectively. Haul the junk away and add some instant value.

A St Louis Hauler can haul anything away. As a real estate agent, the last thing you want to worry about the junk on the property. By calling a St Louis Hauler to carry away the unsightly debris, you can do your job of showing off the property while they haul off the junk.

When you are looking for a trusted company to move or haul any of your residential or commercial contents or junk, you should definitely consider calling a St Louis Hauler. From transporting a single piece of furniture from or to a consignment shop, to moving the contents of your entire household, a St Louis Hauler will do the job for you. Your retail, manufacturing and office equipments will also be transported safely from one location to another.

Storm and Flood Damage Cleanup by the St Louis Hauler

It is not just the commercial and residential hauling of unwanted items where a St Louis Hauler can help. If your home was adversely affected by a flood or snowstorm, you have to figure out how to clear the damaged debris from your property. A professional St Louis Hauler will make sure that the debris is quickly and safely cleared away so that you can concentrate on recovering from the disaster.

The trees that beautify your property during ideal weather conditions are the ones that cause the most problems in the unfortunate event of a storm. The branches of trees may break and cause a lot of damage. If there are strong winds, broken branches can crash into your windows or roof, damaging them. The St Louis Hauler will remove leaves, broken branches and other trash from your property after the storm.

Along with debris from trees, there can also be dangerous jagged pieces of glass or metal hidden under piles of harmless debris after a storm. Hauler Never attempt to remove these yourself as it poses health hazards if done by someone who is inexperienced in waste removal. The trained staff from the St Louis Hauler will eliminate this health hazards by properly removing hazardous material.

Never make the mistake of overlooking the benefits of a qualified St Louis Hauler. Their job covers a diverse area of clean up and removal services and they’re just a phone call away. For fast, safe and efficient removal of a wide variety of materials, call your local St Louis Hauler today.


Local: 314-227-1859

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"Mr. Allen has been hauling for my family for many years. I have 32 rental houses. He is always on time, very neat, and smiles a lot. We have given his cards out to many friends. We have not heard about any problems. He is very helpful. He gives his best always. "

Paul J.

"Mr. Allen hauled my furniture on Thanksgiving Day Nov 2010 in snow and ice. He charged me the same as any other day and was very helpful in my time of need. I will never forget that day. Thanks Mr. Allen."

Grace M.

"Thanks Mr. Allen for hauling all the flea market items for the church youth club. Mr Allen thanks for your help. May god bless. "

Pastor Shane K.

"I had a patio that needed to be replaced, since it was cracked and did not serve the purpose for which it was originally designed. I found George's Hauling Service in the yellow pages, and even though there was rainy weather for a number of days, George and his crew came between rains and broke out and hauled away about 30 square yards of concrete. The work was done in a professional manner, and to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend his service."

Larry Masters

"George came on such a short notice to tear down my garage. I was impressed on how quickly he was able to tear down my garage. I will gladly recommend him to anyone I can. –Thank you."

Diane Twichell